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January, 1922. Lenin's health had been deteriorating for months. Few expected he would recover, and already the Party was looking to Leon Trotsky to take up the lead. His respect for Lenin was too great however, to move while the Premier still drew breath. Stepping outside into the heavy snow of Moscow's winter, a pair of headlights blinded him momentarily. A bag over the head. A strike. Darkness. And the world changed... forever...

What is Communist BOP?Edit

Communist BOP is a game based upon the Balance of Power computer game, as well as the forum game designed by Enver Zogha. In this game, each player represents a nation, and through military, economic, covert and diplomatic actions, attempts to become the dominant power on Earth and thus 'win'. Thus far, no one has ever won a game of BoP and every game has ended in nuclear war. Communist BOP is a severe reinvention of the rules for this game, attempting to both simplify and deepen the experience while introducing several new mechanics.

List of Communist IdeologiesEdit

Marxism-LeninismEurocommunismMaoismJucheDengismCastroismAfrican SocialismFanonismMelanesian SocialismMandelismHoxhaismZapatismoGuevarismNasserismTitoism

List of Nations by Ideological LeaderEdit

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Marxism-Leninism) - Poland, CzechoslovakiaHungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Wallonia, Turkey, Scotland, Ireland, Catalonia, Padania, People's States of America, Quebec, Telada, Guyane, Vietnam, Mindanao, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso

People's Republic of China (Dengism) - Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia

Naxalite Socialist Republic of India (Maoism) - Nepal, Peru, Malaysia, People's Republic of the Midwest,, Darfur

French Sixth Republic (Eurocommunism) - Spain, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Portugal, Cyprus, Vermont Socialist Republic

Revolutionary African Republic of Azania (Mandelism) - Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, Garvey

Linian People's Republic of Vanuatu (Melanesian Socialism) - Fiji, Kanak-tu, Solomon Islands, Papua, Aboriginal Territories

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Titoism) - Maine

United Arab Republic (Nasserism) - Sudan, Yemen, Tunisia, Sahrawi People's Democratic Republic

Socialist Federation of the West Indies (Fanonism) - Algeria, Ghana

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